Have you heard about the Newest & Classiest Watch in Town?

Recently, I spoke about some of the essentials that I never leave home without. Today, I am going to talk about an accessory which has time and again proved to be a classic. The Watch. It’s not a mere accessory. It defines your personality, lends it a magnetism like nothing else. 2017 is here. And boy is it time to write a new chapter! Behold Daniel Wellington! Timeless, elegant, sophisticated and inspiring. Such is their collection that vows to add a new kind of class and style to your look like no other.

Here I am adorning DW’s Classic Black Sheffield 36mm time piece. Can the equation of Black and Watch ever go out of style? I bet not! I love the coming together of the colours of Rose Gold and Black in this time piece which complement and enhance each other both at the same time. Who said only petite dials are meant for the ladies? As I sport on my wrist, the distinctive and classic dial with a jet black genuine Italian leather strap of the Classic Black Sheffield 36mm, I am amazed as to how beautifully they have brought big dials in style for the ladies. Watch making is a tradition and an art. With such a bespoke collection, it is only apt to say that Daniel Wellington has kept up with the tradition yet suiting the needs of this contemporary time. Minimalism and classy has new name with Daniel Wellington.

I love how it goes perfectly with my semi-formal attire; so much so that the piece proves to be a lone heavyweight enough to trump the need of any other accessories. The finely checkered black and white trousers make a perfect companion to this classic DW time piece, lending me a minimalist, classy, Manchester look.

Go, drool, get your hands around one! I reckon this is the watch the power dresser in you was waiting for. 







Photo – Kulashree Kulkarni

2 thoughts on “Have you heard about the Newest & Classiest Watch in Town?

  1. It is fascinating to learn how a watch making company keeps the cost of its products under check by completely restricting conventional medium of advertising and focuses on providing the finest collection of their “wrist-rockers” to Instagram celebs across the globe. Their classy and dapper collection are my fav as well.
    Today, though smart watches are promoted hugely, the smartest of the lot still remains an analogue watch; round dial being my preferred choice.
    I would suggest you to also flaunt a bracelet by DW, not because I am endorsing the brand or their product but simply because it will look stunning.

  2. I am actually following you on ur Instagram ID from manny times not because you are a girl I mean actually the first reason to follow you on Instagram was about your photos that were just a simple and full of energetic , I does not know what to say for your photos post I just loves the photos you posted either it’s yours or the world you see from your eyes but now actually I come to know you are a blogger after reading this I don’t know actually why I am writing, not confused I am but yes if I want to express something very different for someone or something I dot have words to express.
    You are just amazing
    Hum to hai like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and yes second reason to follow u on Instagram was your grace on your photos and beauty.

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