The Travelling Mascara

Kautuka Shah Gandhi

Not just a Fashion Blogger.

Because Fashion is such a limiting word. It cannot quite express the many things I hold within myself.

When I started my blog on March 2016, my aim was to share my experiences in travel and give my readers an insight into my take on fashion and my favourite fashion brands.

Yes, I am an ardent lover of lifestyle brands. But do not mistake this love to be hollow or a means of mere gratification. For I seek a genuine philosophy in a brand that closely resonates with me. I love talking about only selective brands curated by me on this platform. Elements in them that leave me spellbound. Those that speak an emotive language that I enjoy deciphering!

Not just a blog. This platform  is an artistic expression of all things I hold dear. It is a reflection of everything I believe in. It is a manifestation of my life of passion and well-being.

More about me: I am a Lifestyle Blogger, with a background in Computer Engineering, holding a special love for photography.

Photography is special because it was the first to lend me the glasses of creativity and a perspective to the world. I have embraced it since and it has forever played a role of a bridge for me, between what’s out there in the world and a land of creativity. As a photographer and the sense of creativity I have imbibed from it, I have a knack of arranging the ordinary in a way that looks simplistically pretty through my lens.

To speak more about the philosophy of my platform, I have always been driven to focus more on quality over quantity. I look for pieces that exude elegance and class. In a bid to build fashionably desirable looks for my readers, I look towards incorporating this elegance and class with minimal efforts of dressing. My motto is – Simple and Minimal never lets you down.

The Little Pleasures of my Life (In Random Order): Fairy Lights, Photography, Harry Potter, Crime & Thriller Novels, Shades of Peach & Teal, Stationery, Home Decor, Designer Shoes & Bags, Beaches, Sunsets, Coffee.