We’re (hopefully) towards the end of the lockdown and while there might still be time for us to resume life the way it was, we surely have a few more months of staying indoors as much as we can – social distancing is here for a while!

Here’s my list of how to spend quality time at home

  • Catch up on reading – I doubt we’ll ever get a time like this again where everything has come to a standstill. You might as well catch up on that reading! From re-reading classics & favourites to getting lost in a new book, this has been my favorite activity throughout the lockdown!

  • Get creative – There’s a wide array of activities one can indulge in to let the creative juices flow. Poetry, paintings, writing, doodling, photography, music – whatever you fancy! I choose to get behind the camera again after a long break. My favorite kind of photography after portraits is flatlays. Books & coffee being my most loved subjects, I shot a lot!

  • Home workouts – I have been working out regularly for the last 2 years. It’s more like meditation for me now. Taking my mind off everything, even if its temporary and transporting you to a different space altogether !! I’ve tried doing some form of workout at least thrice a week at home.

  • Cooking / new recipes – Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from loss of appetite since a few weeks. I prefer having simple food with lots of fruits & salads. However, I did experiment a little with my coffee! With the Dalgona rage & instant coffee mixers I bought, there’s been a lot of caffeine consumption on a daily basis. Hot coffee in the mornings & cold coffee with lots of caramel & espresso ice cubes for late afternoons!

  • Re-decorating – My obsession with home decor has definitely come from my mom. It just runs in the family. Since childhood, I’ve seen mom carefully curating & decorating the house, adding a personal touch of warmth & positivity in every corner! We spent a few days moving furniture around the house, re-doing certain corners for shoots & playing around with the artefacts.

  • Binge watching – For almost 40 days, I steered clear of Netflix and any new movies / TV shows there were. I was lost in the books a little too much. But, I did re-watch some of my favorite movies with the family along with FRIENDS on loop – as always !! There’s just this beautiful comfort in re-watching favourites.

  • Quality family time – Be it our evening routine of sitting on the terrace listening to music and discussing various topics or long distance video calls with the extended family, I’ve just been so grateful and happy to get this uninterrupted time with them after years!

  • Music – Usually listening to music was always while driving & working out. I don’t remember the last time I actually sat done peacefully and just played songs to relax! So, a new routine I cultivated during the lockdown was being out on the terrace post dinner every evening listening to favourites from years back & discovering new music too. One more peaceful activity I thoroughly enjoyed doing while also star gazing during these summer nights.

  • Take a trip down the memory lane – By going through old albums, sorting them, picking the funny ones for throwback posts on social media !! One can easily spend hours doing this.

  • Wardrobe cleanse / organising – Some people find this really therapeutic! For me, I just love de-cluttering once every few months! Donating stuff I know I won’t use & sorting the rest neatly to save time during busy days!

Do let me know what’s kept you positively occupied during the lockdown in the comments below !! 

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