Are you the kind with an insatiable fetish for shoes? For some it might be incomprehendible; but talk to me about it and I’ll tell you “I share your sentiments!” After all, a great outfit is incomplete without a great pair of shoes. What if I were to tell you ardent shoe lovers that you could have control over every bit of aspect of the kind of shoes you want to don? That you no longer have to settle for the designs thrown at you even from the best of brands and stores? Take your fetish to the next level. Design your own heels, customize your footwear, make your own shoes! All at the click of a button! Behold Talons D’or!  For it is here to revolutionize women shoes like never before!

When it comes to customizing with Talons D’or, sky is the limit! A two-step process and you can have yourself a pair of shoes, as precious as Cinderella’s. Pick a style you wish. Be it Ballet Flats, Kitten Heels, Mid Heels or High Heels. Customize every aspect of it; from cuts to shape to the type of heel. Then go ahead and get creative! Pick from a hoard of materials, colours and textures. Suede, glossy, glitter, satin, weaved; the options are unending. You get to decide how the top and the sole of your shoe looks like and make them as comfortable as you want.

Here I am sharing the phenomenal results of this process! I went for a simple yet a sassy pair of heels! I combined the classic black colour with shimmering sequins and a pointed toe cut for a dapper look for any party. The red insole lends it a sharp, jazzy look. Isn’t it a sexy pair? J Not to forget, they ship your newly designed shoes in a reasonable turnover time with great packaging.

Experiment with different colours and textures. Go berserk! Make yourself an enviable pair! Make Talons D’or your gateway to an ultimate shoe land where the possibilities are immense and limitless.