Summer. If you live where I live, it is natural to be sapped of your energy due to the scorching sun. What do you do then? Keep indoors stuck to an air-conditioner? I say, Summer, Bring it On! For, I have the coolest secret tools to beat the heat! Two of my favourite things, that when combined, makes chilling in the heat wave a cake-walk for me!

Tien, a quaint little bistro in the bylanes of Model Colony, is  my most favourite place in the city. Call it my second home. Be it for work, chilling out with friends, a spontaneous brunch or meetings! There’s nothing that Tien cannot accommodate me for! For me, Summer days are best spent at Tien. My favourite drink here, hands-down, is the Freshly Brewed Iced Tea! I love sipping on it as it keeps me cool while finishing up some cumbersome office work or hanging out with my friends or even while doing photo-shoots! Another Summer staple here is their Watermelon Cooler. Nothing but 100% Watermelon juice, it will kick the dehydration out of your system. Special mention of their infused water. Cool water mixed with chunks of seasonal fruits and mint makes for such a heady infusion. Refreshing is an understatement! Does Tien already sound like an oasis in a desert to you?

What else is helping me maintain my coolness quotient? This awesome white cape dress from Splash! Add to that that my newest love! A DIY Project where I created this pretty floral crown. Quirkiness soon followed and pairing this floral crown with the airy cape dress felt more than perfect. I tell you. Donning this combo with Steve Madden heels can only be compared to the feeling of being a Greek Goddess!

Are you ready to enjoy the Summers a-la Me?!