A Very Happy New Year to all of you! Hope that you started off 2017 in style! So did I! How? Read on…

Are you the type who has a special kind of love for heavy and glitzy occasion wear? How we love to stand out in the crowd as we flaunt our glitzy couture on a special occasion! But who said such beautiful creations are meant to be worn only on such occasions? Today, I am going to bust this myth!

It is true that a lot has been spoken about the point of accumulating heavy occasion wear when there’s hardly any use for it. Some of the other options that have come out in the recent times are renting out such outfits for the occasion when needed. Owing its popularity to its pocket friendliness compared to buying a brand new outfit. Economical, yes. But does it ring true with the true fashionista in you? I bet no! Bedazzling, laced with beads, motifs and heavy embroidery; today I’m going to show you how I incorporated one of such outfits of mine with a simple pairing for a completely yet fashionably minimal look.

Love the creations of Nivedita Saboo? Can you think of a more perfectionist designer? With intricate designs and detailing, she literally creates perfection in all senses. More reason for me to don her creation of a beautiful Lehenga for my wedding! Although I absolutely adored it, I kept looking for the right occasion to flaunt it again. The more I waited, the more it seemed like an untouched piece sitting in my wardrobe waiting for its turn to get back out there in full swing! That’s when I decided to bring it out, but in a playful, dressed down fashion! This green Lehenga with intricate golden embroidered motifs tapering from bottom to mid-way, and a chunky golden waist band is a versatile piece of perfection as an Indian couture. To give it a shockingly pleasant companion, I paired it with a plain, solid black crop top. Accessorizing is fairly simple. Like I have here with some light, matching jadau jewellery. Lastly, the green dot bindi completes the Indian look.

That’s my version of dressing down that I hope you have enjoyed and found useful! Somewhat of a parallel to the spirit of ‘Less is More’; a little bit of experimentation allowed me the arduous task of putting together a look with a heavy, glitzy outfit with classy minimalism. However, sticking to the theme (in this case, Indian) not only keeps you on course but also enhances your look. Call it dressed down or glam-bohemian, this is one trend that I will cherish in this new year!