2017 is coming to an end! And the plans just cannot keep calm! In the run-up to welcoming the new year, many of us are already in pre-celebratory mode. Small parties, get-togethers, cocktail parties, office annual parties. The month of December is always filled with exciting events. The key to sailing through them is meticulous planning. When it comes to dressing up, doing it with style is mandatory! And nothing helps pull off style in a hectic schedule of fun parties than minimalistic dressing! Hail the LBD! As I bid goodbye to this superb year of 2017, I dedicate this incredibly simple and stylish LBD to it.

LBDs are my love. So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this elegant piece at Zara. According to me, it has spun its own unique twist to the LBD category. The delicate floral prints did the trick for me. Printed on a mixed fabric, they complement the black canvas of the dress so well. As they strikingly stand out, they lend a character to the dress. The flared edges add another elemental characteristic to the dress. The knee-length makes it racy; although the slightly longer quarter sleeves makes it sober looking. I tell you, formal or casual, it is perfect for any occasion in winter. For me, it epitomises the fun and warmth both, that we all love to indulge in the cold month of December!

Complementing this wonderful outfit is my hot new favourite! My shoe fetish was satisfied with this stunning find! Adding a pop of flamboyance to my LBD are these shiny mustard pumps from Zara! These sexy heels with pointed toes are made in the evergreen suede fabric. Stitched on them is a beautiful motif of peacocks that lend it an ethnic touch. I call them my fusion pumps!

Bottom line: Party Hard, Dress Simple! Don’t stress it out when it comes to dressing up for the numerous celebrations in December. Pick out the minimalistic yet classy pieces. Just like this redefined LBD and fusion pumps!