Wasn’t that last post one of the best examples of elegance? Since then, my thoughts have remained unwavering and I couldn’t help but think how elegance inspires everything I do. Taking a cue from the last post, I decided to lay out all the pieces I have with a unique touch of sophistication. And there! This ingenious combination just struck me! Not to mention, elegance remained an immutable quality. Like a muse, pairing up with my love for good things, it brought out this incredible ethnic blend out of me.

I have always believed that simplicity is the hallmark of any elegant ensemble. This high low jacket kurta from Suruchi Parakh speaks volumes about this philosophy. A flowy look with heavy hand-work embroidery with red and golden border at the high low edge of the kurta is all that adds to the character of this outfit. A quintessential minimalistic look, with embroidery work only in select patches, it packs the right kind of heaviness to a party dress for those not big on excessive bling. I paired it with red straight fit pants and the result was beautiful. It adds a certain quirkiness yet does not take away from the sophistication of the entire ensemble. Comfort is paramount and this piece delivers perfectly on it. Stunning is an understatement!

Suruchi Parakh helms such designer wear that is created for the sole purpose of making the wearer feel truly special. Creating exclusive designs is their specialty. Fusing two genres of style is their mission. Not just contemporary, their designer collection reflects the best of both styles, modern and traditional; and the best of both worlds, east and west. This trendy kurta is a testimony to it.

Twirling to my heart’s content in this beautiful find, is my favourite thing to do when I don it.