Don’t we all have days when we want to drop everything and do something ‘perceptibly non-constructive’ just because we want to? Everyday life is like walking a tight rope. Home, work, social commitments and what nots! It’s only well-deserving that we drop all the everyday baggage and pick up something enthralling; much like a child fascinated by a toy that never ceases to capture her attention. When the going gets heavy, you pause, look around and chill…in the moment! When one such atypical day happened to me, what did I do? I paused, looked around (in my wardrobe), picked up a pastel outfit and chilled out in it through the day! Needless to say, photography was present as always!

The spontaneity that made me pick this outfit also carved out my schedule for the rest of my day.The Pastel colours, one of my most favourites, are something I tend to turn to for anything significantly fun! I had a ball of a time flaunting this outfit at my favourite local hang out; sipping on coffee and shooting beautiful pictures at sunset!

I am glad that this blush pink top from Zara with a significant lacy layer on the bottom edge finds a place in my wardrobe. Pairing it with white trousers made for a simple, easy on the eyes look. A pastel outfit finds a good companion in good accessories. I generally do not approve of elaborate accessorising, unless the occasion demands so. But that day was the day when all the rules were thrown out of the window! From a chunky neck piece to multiple metallic bangles, I complemented the outfit with some quirky yet subtle jewellery. The piece of poise was the Daniel Wellington time piece from their Classic Petite Collection. A touch of ultimate sophistication was lent by these ultra sexy mauve heels from Charles & Keith and a pink bag from Louis Vuitton.

I cannot even begin to tell how perfect this combination is for all your fun outings no matter what the day! Flaunt it at brunches, a day out with friends or even parties! Pastel is a good colour to don on any day and any occasion!

Sometimes, not everything you do must have an absolute purpose. Ditch the guilt and treat yourself to a wonderful ‘ME’ day, just like I did!