There never was a better time for ethnic fashion! Over the last 10 years or so, the trends in ethnic fashion has been seeing a beautiful evolution. Or should I say, we are getting in touch with our roots again as old fashion and classic designs get redefined again. To state the obvious, it has been happening for sometime. However, the current times are different. The trends, designs and products flooding the market these days, bear a unique, ethnic character. To put it in a matter of factly way, the old, forgotten and traditional is in vogue. The quintessential and indigenous designs are now desirable. The artisan and his/her skills are receiving recognition. Handcrafted products are sought after like never before. The Indian creations are truly getting their due. There are a few names (and brands) who have taken it upon themselves to ring in and celebrate this golden period of ethnic fashion. They have beautifully fused the traditional with the contemporary to create products that are simply awe-inspiring. One such brand, and one of my current favourites is Tjori.

Browse through Tjori’s collection and you will simply be blown away. It will be a task to keep every product you encounter off your wish-list. It’s impossible not only to desire but lust after these products! Expect only the classiest and the best. I am very fascinated by their vision which is “to bring the world closer and make discovery-worthy products discoverable and within your reach.” Their USP is a stunning collection which is a curation of the best handcrafted products. It is also people-driven as it is contributed to by the best artisans and designers from India and beyond.

The following two utterly simple yet gorgeous pieces I got from Tjori are my newest favourites.

The over-indulgent love for juttis continues! Dripping of every bit of festivities, this pair is just the thing you need to feel like royalty. Inspired by the festive vibes, these brocade juttis are primarily decorated with gold foliage on a dark green fabric. These make for that perfect fused look of contemporary and ethnic. What’s more? They are super comfortable! Needless to say, I will never let a good pair of juttis get away from me!

Moving over my ubiquitous shoe fetish, to my other love, jewellery. This beautiful neck piece is a bespoke manifestation of the Tjori philosophy. Reminiscent of the heavy, chunky and unforgettable designs of the Rajasthani oxidised jewellery, this piece is an ode to the jewellery designs from the North-west frontier state of India. However, german silver with oxidised finish, intertwined with cowrie shells do give it an ‘other-stately’ fusion touch. All this weaved with tangerine beads and decorated with summery anchor threads. Pair it with either an ethnic or a western outfit. This neck piece is sure to add a rustic charm and an undisputed elegance to your look.

From apparel to home decor, Tjori’s range of offerings is wide. If you wish to add a touch of traditional beauty, with a legacy of handcrafted art, to your home or wardrobe, Tjori should definitely be your stop.