Fashion is an important and an aspect of immense interest for most of us. How we love adoring that new line of clothes, shoes, bags doled out under the label of ‘new season.’ And boy do those seasons change quickly! We are always looking out for that latest trend. Once out, we rush and line up at stores and fill our shopping bags with apparel and footwear to fit in with the latest trend. We have an eye on that luxury brand; of which we so want to own that new piece. And who amongst us haven’t felt an iota of craziness on hearing upon the news of a Season-End Sale. All that is ‘last season’ shall never have your eyes set on it. Such are the characteristics of Fast Fashion. Think of it deeply; and the question we should ask ourselves is if we are driven by desire or need to go on a roller coaster ride of constant buying, using and throwing. Ever thought about how our planet is impacted by the discard that your wardrobe generates? How much of it is actually degradable? Last but not the least, do our actions have a positive impact on our local communities?

Moral of the story: “Going towards Conscious Fashion from Fashion Conscious” should be our guiding mantra.

This is the set in stone philosophy that Paashh stands for. Today, I am happy to talk about a brand from Pune that gives sustainable fashion the spotlight it deserves.

A new name in Pune’s scape of Luxury Fashion, Paashh does its bit to encourage adoption of sustainable fashion. A perfect antidote to fast fashion, Paashh firmly believes in ethical and eco-friendly fashion. Launching on August 10th this year, a premium line of stylish designs, made from natural fabrics, employing sustainable means, await you. Fabrics being one of the most important highlights of their line, their pieces are made from top quality breathable and eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton, khadi, linen, jamdani etc.

As I received a sneak-peek in their launch collection, I was enthralled by their designs; marked with a certain playfulness and mere simplicity. The three pieces featured here particularly grabbed my attention. Made from the ‘Bangla’ Jamdani fabric, these everyday midi dresses are capable of making your every day luxurious. Fluid and simply diaphanous, each of the pieces exude a unique sophisticated character that cannot be found in another piece in the same line. Breathable and light fabrics make comfort an essential quality of all their outfits. The combination of conventional fabrics with unconventional designs make their collection truly sophisticated. Perfect as work wear, they also double up as charming brunch and day outfits.

An all-white long midi dress with peplum sleeves and button detailing on one side, was one of their simplest yet most outspoken pieces. It screams confidence without losing on the feminine subtleties. Pairing it with a coloured and ornamental neck piece was just apt. The wine-coloured modest dress with slight pintuck detailing in the centre was ranked as an ultra-fine piece in my books. Just the opposite is the light-beige midi dress. Buttons flanked with delicate lace detailing, fine blue and white print, conspicuous ruffle short sleeves and a tie-up belt, it is every bit playful and feminine. Sure to win hearts, it is perfect for happy brunch outings.

Rediscover a new way of making a statement. Rediscover sustainable fashion with Paashh. Rediscover a new way of living.