To be fashionable is to be comfortable. Nothing defines versatility like denims. If this is your fashion motto, then have you heard of The Bleu Label yet? Gone are the days when denim was seen only from the lens of having a sturdy pair to wear on the bottom. To state the obvious, the possibilities are limitless and the style timeless! Celebrating this versatility of one of the greatest textiles ever is The Bleu Label.

Move over faded and washed denims; embrace the ombre effect. Create ripples in your denim collection with this Ombre Denim Shirt Dress by The Bleu Label. Simple yet contemporary, this shirt dress needs some gumption to carry it off in style! The classic collars, the no-see buttons, the circular edges with a stark ombre effect makes for a rather edgy look. You can take outdoor dressing to a new level with this bold number from The Bleu Label.

Love the suave look that comes with a classy trench coat? Embolden it, says this next piece from The Bleu Label. Meet the Denim Trench Coat. Armed with a wide collar, a standard notch lapel and washed down to an icy blue, it aims to combine the sophistication of a formal coat and the much talked about versatility of denim. All of this to create revolutionary women’s wear? In my books, this combination deserves lauding.  The minimal black buttons and square pockets offer convenience. This trench coat swears by simplicity and offers you both comfort and a classic look.

Denim is the key to an evergreen fashion statement.  Never have I seen a brand so focused on making denim the hero of every piece in your wardrobe in a no holds barred fashion. The Bleu Label is around to celebrate and carry forward the denim legacy. Keep it simple. Keep it cool.