What glorious 2 years! When I look back on this day only last year (the 1st anniversary), I am filled with a sense of achievement; for I have come a long way. The journey till date has only resulted in the doubling of the good life!


It has been an amazing year with collaborations with some amazing brands like Tjori, Khara Kapas…..  It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with new entrants like Amaaya….. as I am mighty impressed by their stunning products. And the number just keeps increasing! What more can I ask for!

Having said that, my focus has always been on quality than quantity. The substance of The Travelling Mascara lies in superior quality content and associations with selected names in the Lifestyle domain. When I handpick and curate brands and their products for you, I get a sense of adding value to your decisions of choosing the best out there; be it fashion, home decor, or lifestyle.


I am so grateful that these brands and some individuals have shown faith in me to showcase their products. Thank you so much for trusting The Travelling Mascara! The video here gives you a peek into some of the few products I have received from them over the last 1 one year.


I would also like to share with you the  process of creating the kind of content that I bring to you. I must admit that shooting for a blog is not just about being in pretty clothes and clicking pictures. A lot of work and effort goes into conceptualising the shoots. Right from co-ordination to working on and finalising the ‘location to outfit’ match, everything is planned to the T. A lot of grey cells are spent on how best to showcase a brand’s products through eye-catching visuals and pictures.


My Favourite Highlights of 2017 – The cherry on the cake was definitely getting featured in Pune’s sought-after Lifestyle Magazine, Creme, as one of Pune’s Top 3 Bloggers! I was also featured in a top blogger magazine called BNB mag. I am grateful for both the publications for the recognition they have bestowed upon my work.


Last but not the least, a big thank you to all of you for been the fond readers of The Travelling Mascara. I am extremely grateful for the love you have showered upon this platform over the last 2 years. The Travelling Mascara is proud to have a fully organic standing till date. This fantastic journey has been possible only because of you. Looking forward to many more years!