How often do we hear about elegance being associated with fashion? Or elegance being associated with a place? Just like all good things in life, elegance can never be superfluous. It is an essence that is immune of all excesses. There are some outfits which has a quality of a timeless-ness attached to it, by its sheer origin and being. Those that lend you that elegant look almost instantaneously upon donning. And what happens when the perfect outfit meets the perfect place? Well, it’s simple! It leads to a day well-spent. This post is dedicated to that unceasing charm of elegance and class found in things that you hold dear.

Some years ago, my mother brought me this black top from Kuwait, where I had spent most of my growing years. This top has a special significance for me as it symbolizes the love for all good things and fashion that I share with my mother. With golden embroidery around the neckline, it is true to the middle-eastern style of design. Speaking of which, I thought it best to accessorize with a white stole with massive gold lace work, brought by my mother-in-law from Dubai. With quintessential middle-eastern designs, both these items brought for me by two of the most important women in my life, signify every bit of elegance for me. By way of their choices in fashion and the outfit’s minimalistic yet classy and fine design. The dark coloured tights and nude heels complete the look.

Donning this pretty outfit, I visited Terttulia, one of my favourite places at Balewadi High Street, for a casual day out. One of the first things that strike you about this bistro is its near-European alfresco seating. Enter in and you will find the decor to be rustic yet classy. It’s dark hues complemented the dark hues of my outfit very well. A perfect opportune moment for photography!

This place is an epitome of good food & drinks with an equivalence to love. My favourite corner of this place is a wall full of food related paraphernalia hanging there and reminding you of why all good things in your life need to be cherished. Add to that a magnificent bar, a library, great food and your day is set! The Cold Coffee with Marshmallows here is an indulgence out of this world!

Such are the days to be looked forward to and spent more often. Such are the tiny things in life to be grateful about for they leave you with much joy.