I know it’s Summer. And a sweater dress is not really on top of your to-wear list. But I couldn’t resist the coolest trending fashion news piece of this Summer! Disney X Koovs! This collaboration is one of the most significant in online fashion in the current times.

Disney, an epitome of all that is larger than life, all that is made of dreams, imagination and pure fun. Koovs, a leading name in online fashion and probably the only name to collaborate with renowned global names on exclusive capsule collections. So when the news of these two names collaborating broke out, it was not just a surprise but a pleasant surprise!

Haven’t we all grown up watching Disney cartoons? Our kid-selves being amused by the antics of Mickey and Donald and a hoard of other adorable characters? The memories will flood the moment you set eyes on their collection. A breath of fresh air, you realise that some things will always stay.

I loved this symmetrical sweater dress. With two shades of grey and a half impression of Minnie, it packs all the required quirky elements. Teaming casual with chic, the embellished clutch and black stilettos gave me an enhanced look.

Go check out the Disney X Koovs collection. And you will find it to be truly exclusive and desirable.