If someone asked me to use one word to describe myself, the one word that would go off right from the top of my head would be Vanity. Being a blogger has its perks. Meet me. I’m a Vanity Blogger. Yes, not just a Fashion Blogger. Because Fashion is such a limiting word. It cannot quite express the many things I hold within myself. But isn’t vanity an excessive and futile admiration of oneself? I think not! I have a rather different perspective of Vanity. For me, it is an artistic expression of all things I hold dear. It is a reflection of everything I believe in. Most importantly, a life of passion and well-being.

Today, I am going to give you a peek into what happens when I attempt a mélange of all things I love. What happens when I let my love of photography capture the beauty of my all-time favourite things.  Make up, perfumes, accessories, from the best of lifestyle names from all over the world. The results are a reflection of vanity as creativity. No holds barred. No hesitation. Call it indulgence, but the photographs here depict a side of me that is too exciting for one to miss. Enjoy!

What is your definition of Vanity?