As a lifestyle blogger, the stories I have to tell you are endless. The wonderful things that come my way always give me opportunities to broaden my horizon. There’s always something new to look forward to; and it never disappoints! I share these finds with you in the hope that they tickle your vanity. Add to your already awesome personality! 🙂 Give something new to don or flaunt! Such is the next article that will leave you mesmerized by its sheer whiff. For those who are always on the lookout for that touch of class; or should I say ‘scent of class’? Meet Mocemsa.

If you are looking for luxurious, extraordinary and ultra modern fragrances, without having to make that trip on the other side of the world, Mocemsa is here! If you are looking for fragrances that smell exquisite but don’t burn a hole in your pocket, can be ordered on tip of your fingers, your wait ends at Mocemsa! How indulgent and convenient is that! Helmed by eminent perfumer Pulkit Malhotra, at Mocemsa you will find that niche and rare collection of fragrances that effuse fragrant elements which make for a perfect bridge between Indian offerings and International preferences. Every bit of credibility follows Mocemsa. It conforms to IFRA standards which are followed by all leading fragrance brands internationally. Their carefully picked raw materials are blended using advanced techniques at their state of the art production facility housed at Barcelona, Spain. Below are, at a ‘whiff’, 3 of their fragrances from their recent collection.
Ladies, aren’t we all charmed by the ever versatile fruity and citrusy perfumes! A must-have fragrance in our collection, this one from Mocemsa will just be an apt addition. Known as Love Berry, this delicately fruity fragrance is bound make you smell fresh and luscious as a berry! The heady mix of Sicilian lemon, red berries, soft jasmine and bourbon vanilla notes lends this fragrance a unique body. Sweet yet not overpowering, it is an ultimate in exuding your feminine charm!
Perhaps you might just find yourself in for a royal affair! You put on your best occasion wear with heavy details, fit for the magnificent do; but also need an equally exquisite fragrance to effuse. Al Ameera is the royalty fragrance of Mocemsa. With rich woody notes of Mysore Sandalwood & Agarwood, and delicate notes of Kashmir Saffron & Indian Rose Oil, there is an air of opulence about it. With influences from the middle-eastern land, this regal, ittar-esque fragrance with spicy warm notes has a unique sophistication to it.
On a more playful note (pun intended!); do you love to or know of someone who loves to smell as fresh as the ocean at all times? Inspired by the omnipresent yet a mysterious creation of nature, the wondrous blue ocean, this fragrance has a limitless character. Mystic Ocean is the Eau de Parfum in the truest essence! A true blue aqua fragrance, it is a playful blend of citrus notes, thrown in with patchouli and white musk. A whiff of freshness and an accentuated subtle masculine smell, it is perfect for sunny warm days.
If innovative olfactory art and luxury perfumes excite you, check out Mocemsa’s unique collection of fragrances, catering to both men and women.