Our life is filled with myriad events. Some leave an indelible mark on our memories. Some are crucial decisions that impact our life for the better. One such big and significant decision we encounter is that of buying a house. It is a decision that enables us to fulfill a long-standing dream –of having our own home. A lot goes into making a space with four walls you buy into a home. It has to be perfect! Equipped with the latest amenities, easily accessible to most places, spacious, bright, well-ventilated…and the list goes on. Buying a home is not just a decision; it is an arduous process and a memorable experience. You not only invest money but also your emotions into transforming the physical form of a house into a warm home. You only want to choose the best. If your dream is to own a more-than-perfect home in Pune, look no further than Belmac Residences.

Why choose Belmac? Located at Kalyani Nagar, Belmac Residences is that neighbourhood project which any one of us would love to be a part of. With plush, spacious and vibrant apartments, their focus is on making the little things perfect for you. A true epitome of a modern home, it is a residential and lifestyle experience like no other. What’s more? With proximity to most of the popular and frequented locations in Pune, convenience & accessibility coupled with quality life is an equation that cannot get better than at Belmac!

The Belmac Experience

I was invited to experience a slice of the Belmac life and loved every aspect of it. Although at a prime location of Kalyani Nagar, the property is fairly quiet and a lovely place for a home. Most of the apartments have a view of their gardens and landscaping which is gorgeous to look at any time of the day. The best times to enjoy at Belmac Residences are the golden hours of sunrise & sunset. I loved how it is designed to allow its residents to enjoy the little things. I had an opportunity to spend a lovely evening on their rooftop. Watching the sunset with a cool breeze blowing, it was a feeling equivalent to being on top of the world! The 360-degree view of the locality adds tremendously to the experience.

Belmac Apartments

Speaking of their apartments, two things that caught my fancy were the layout and natural light. I loved how elegantly the rooms were spaced out and the privacy they offer. The layout is beautifully done. With no alleys, the rooms are seamlessly connected. This makes for a cozy setting. Moreover, no alleys equals more space equals more freedom! For me, an ideal home is that which is lit up by natural light and has plenty of room for the air to circulate. At Belmac Residences, every apartment is built with a 3-sided open view. It was easy for me to fall in love with their apartment as the tall French Windows let in maximum light throughout the day. That coupled with healthy ventilation, the apartment was buzzing with good vibes. The balcony had tall ceiling which lent it a palatial feeling. A touch of green added by the vertical garden in the balcony was spectacular to say the least.

Exquisite Apartment Features

I was also mighty impressed by Belmac’s attention to detail in the ‘little things.’ I personally love homes with gorgeous bathrooms. With the best and the most flattering fittings and lighting, I found the apartment bathroom designs to be lavish yet elegantly minimalistic. Italian marble flooring, a hassle-free electrification system and a fully-fitted modular kitchen, are some of the other features that I found awe-inspiring. Such are the little things that Belmac takes care of; only to offer you a life not just of comfort but also quality. It is also a testimony to their commitment as Belmac already has a completed tower. ‘Tower E’ is currently full with their first batch of happy residents. The only apartment left for grabs in this tower is the stunning penthouse with a gorgeous view of Eastern Pune and the hills beyond!

Unmatched Accessibility

We have all thought about how our home should be accessible to most places in town. With Belmac Residences, the convenience and accessibility offered is unmatched. A strategic location in the heart of Kalyani Nagar makes Belmac Residences a desirable project for anyone. Restaurants in Koregaon Park & Kalyani Nagar, lounges in Mundhwa, cafes in Viman Nagar and shopping malls like Phoenix Marketcity& Seasons! All my favourite haunts in town are in close vicinity of Belmac Residences. That’s not all. 4 & 5-star hotels like Novotel, Hyatt, Westin; schools & colleges like Bishop’s & Symbiosis; hospitals like Columbia Asia & Sahyadri; IT Parks like Eon & Panchshil Tech Park; all top-notch brands and places become indisputably accessible once you live at Belmac Residences. Did I mention that the Pune Airport is only a stone’s throw away? Bottom line: Say goodbye to long hours of commute and hello to precious time saved when you are at Belmac! If your life revolves around Eastern Pune and its vicinity, with everything just around the corner, walking that rope called ‘work-life balance’ could not be simpler than living at Belmac Residences.

Extensive Amenities

Speaking of quality life, Belmac takes your well-being a bit too seriously. With a hydroponic farm developed in collaboration with The Farmhouse Company in the premises, you will find yourself eating fresh and nutritious produce every day. As a champion of healthy and nutritious eating, I find this having a significant bearing on anyone who lives here. It would be a privilege to enjoy a farm-to-table experience right in your own dining room! A full-fledged gym, swimming pool, jogging track, squash and a football court, sorts out your work-out routine. A recreation centre with game rooms and library, that will attract young and old alike, is a great place to unwind. A day-care centre comes as a blessing for working mothers as they can now leave their child in safe hands and step out for work with no worries. Apropos to all the considerations one makes before signing on the dotted line, Belmac Residences truly ticks all the right boxes.

“Home is not a place. It is a feeling.” This quote cannot be truer, as the feeling of being home comes naturally at Belmac Residences. Creating thoughtful yet modern homes, where the simplest of things make a big difference, is a philosophy of Belmac. Finding a home that thinks about you is finding bliss. Choose Belmac Residences. Choose magnificent living and comfort.