Do you frequently experience an onslaught of dust, pollution, extreme weather on your skin? Are you the kind who is consistently dissatisfied with the way your skin feels; despite a thorough skin cleansing?


If you are looking at tackling such skin-wrecking factors and wish to pamper your skin with the best of care, Foreo is here to make it their mission. And their Luna 2 cleansing brush is a god-sent!


Luna 2 by Foreo is a revolutionary, personalized, 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush which is powered with a T-Sonic cleansing technology. With gradated touch points, it removes up to 99.5% of dirt, oil and makeup residue. Designed to eliminate blemishes, it also serves as an anti-aging system. Flip the brush on the reverse side, and its lower frequency helps tackle fine lines and wrinkles. Isn’t that an awesome dual deal?! Just charge it, use it twice daily to cleanse your face and see the magic unfolding on your skin!


Luna 2 is equipped with 100% anti-bacterial silicone on the gradated side for effective cleansing. It is vital to every skin care routine as exposure to pollutants and dirt on a regular basis wreaks havoc on the skin. Improve absorption of your skincare products as the pulsating mechanism of Luna 2 works wonders on your skin. The best part! It’s the ideal travel companion your skin has been looking for! With a sophisticated, sleek Swedish design, Luna 2 is an absolutely handy product to shield your skin from fluctuations in surroundings experienced during air travel. Step out with confidence and leave your skin woes to Luna 2.


What’s more? This breakthrough cleansing brush comes in 4 distinct models for different skin types – Oily, Normal, Combination and Sensitive. 100% waterproof, a charge that lasts 450 uses and brush heads that need no replacement; skin care was never so convenient! Thanks to Foreo’s vision to create groundbreaking solutions in skin care.


When it comes to daily skin care routine, look no further than Foreo as it truly offers the best. A product that has broken the mould in the beauty industry, getting soft & smooth, radiant & healthy skin is much simpler with Luna 2.