Oh to enjoy the monsoons! Isn’t it a bliss that we all wait for every year? The monsoons have been going great for me so far; what with some superb plans laid ahead! But the last week was special! A beautiful gift hamper, packed with some irresistible premium teas added the magic to my monsoon days. Received from none other than Gardner Street, this Mumbai-based exclusive premium tea brand take their teas very seriously and every blend is a creation in itself. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as it prodded the tea lover in me to explore the vast world of teas, previously unknown to me.

Here are Gardner Street’s humble yet rich teas from varied collections that found their way in my home and into my heart!

South African Rooibos: This Red Tea from the Luxury Collection with a wonderful milieu of floral and citrus hints will instantly make you wonder where had this tea been all along! A dark red hue with a full yet balanced body lends it a character that lives up to the reputation. This sweet red tea from the mountains of South Africa is every bit of premium. And good news for the health conscious – It’s absolutely caffeine-free and yet very refreshing. Thanks to the soft and tangy hints of orange laced with the floral hibiscus and marigold. Finishing off this dreamy tea is the subtle flavour of Vanilla and a peculiar nuttiness. With a Rooibos cuppa in your hands, you are in heaven.
Moroccan Mint: From their Signature Collection, it is also known as Spearmint Tea. Freshly brewed mint tea is quite a favourite among true tea lovers. But Gardner Street goes beyond the convention and lends its magical hand to the humble spearmint. The word is Cinnamon. As you brew this beautiful blend, smell the subtle whiffs of cinnamon teasing your olfactory senses before you even sip on the tea. You will not resist anymore. Go ahead and tantalise your taste buds to the remarkably subtle flavour of mint. Done so well by Gardner Street! Never had I tasted a Moroccan Mint so smooth. This one packs enough caffeine for the tea-holics. Enjoy this medium bodied tea, with hues of amber and a beautiful cinnamon after-taste, as you take a momentary pause in your busy day. Refreshing, not to mention.
Glow: From their Wellness Collection, as the name suggests, this tea does wonders for your skin. A blend of high quality, anti-oxidant and whole leaf green tea (the holy grail of health beverages) with floral elements like hibiscus and marigold, this tea is as close to the Elixir of Youth as you can get. Packed with the goodness of both green tea and other natural ingredients, it is said to help with skin problems and weight management. I loved this tea for its beautiful clear rose red appearance with a light body. On a laid-back rainy day, this tea can be an absolute delight to sip on with oodles of strong fruity and floral flavours.
The Gardner Street team works very hard to deliver the whole leaf tea experience with full flavours right at the customer’s doorstep. Although some teas come loose, others are packed into tea bags; but…wait for it…in silken tea sachets! So say goodbye to cheap, paper and putting off tea bags. These meticulously made tea bags with high quality mesh fabric ensures that you get a richer brew everytime.
Gardner Street is here to give your everyday cuppa a whole new dimension. Check them out if anything remotely ‘tea’ makes your world go round.