Let me start off by wishing you a very Happy 2019! The final days of 2018 have been phenomenal for most of us. What with the wedding wave, multiple celebrations and a toast to new beginnings! Speaking of which, I am sure most of you would agree we have entered 2019 with an anticipation of a continuation of this ‘wave.’ Wondering how to continue riding it in style? Behold as we begin the new year with a dazzling guide! Or should I say a bejeweled one?

A lovely encounter in disguise had me stumble upon the stunning new collection of Chandukaka Saraf. Famously known for their traditional designs in pure gold, they have now made a foray into contemporary and modern designs. And boy they are spectacular! Intricate designs coupled with high-skilled craftsmanship, their new collections are an ode to the new-age Indian woman and the times we live in today. Groundbreaking designs that are well on their way to set new trends in occasion jewellery, don them and find your own style. Breaking away from the ‘gold-only’ wagon, they are experimenting with new elements, stones, textures, colours and of course designs to create beautiful masterpieces.

I was absolutely floored by these three distinctly unique sets from the latest collections of Chandukaka Saraf. Perfect for those who prefer minimalism with elegance in their style. No matter what the occasion, no matter what the outfit; these never-before-seen designs are sure to make heads turn.

My first absolute favourite is the Gold Blooms set. If you ever thought gold was never the perfect metal to pair with a western gown attire, have a look at this set and you may change your mind. Straight out of their exquisite ‘Inaaya’ Collection, it comes with a 22K gold necklace with gold and white blooms. Woven together with wire work beads, they lend the neck piece an elegant and subtle look. If that’s not enough to have you raving, move over to their 22K gold textured and colourful bangles that personify grace. An absolute heart-stealer is the rose bloom ring that sits perfectly on your finger in all its glory. The unique new-age jhumkas are a creation of artistic intricacy showcasing the individuality of the bearer, which sets them a class apart.

The next one is a sparkling amalgamation of gold and diamonds. If subtle yet bold is your style, then this beautiful 18K antique gold and diamond combination will hold your sway at any occasion. From their ‘Florita Wedding Collection’, this scintillating, mesmerising yet elegant set truly redefines wedding jewellery.

No matter how we move ahead in times, we can never give up on traditional designs. If you are looking for traditional jewellery with a difference, then this set might just be for you. Nothing spells out Indian grace like a beautiful traditional jewellery piece. Breathing in fresh air to this timeless design is a set from their ‘Wedding Choker Collection.’ This handcrafted 22K antique gold choker necklace comes together with a vibrant kundan and beautifully carved black meena work. A bespoke creation of skilled craftsmanship, it is perfect to flaunt at any wedding.

An admirable evolutionary curve in design. that marries the traditional with the contemporary; and perfectly depicts the tastes of the new-age Indian women, Chandukaka Saraf is an epitome of modernism in Indian jewellery !!

January 9, 2019