We live in a fast world. Running a formidable rat race. Our daily lives consist of numerous stress inducers. From time to time, we all need some healthy time to take a step back, think and relax. To rejuvenate ourselves to combat the mad rush of the world with utmost grace. With this in mind, a drive outside the city seemed like a perfect plan. Craving for some peace and calm, I headed to The Ark Wellness Retreat.

Located at Nandgaon, in the beautiful Mulshi countryside, The Ark has everything to provide absolute relaxation for a denizen. Set in a picturesque landscape and surrounded by natural beauty, it is located perfectly on the cusp of Mulshi and Tamhini Ghats. Owned by my dear friends Tanvi & Viraj Kulkarni, the duo have designed The Ark in a way so as to enhance your physical as well as mental well being.

Take a stroll around their serene property, or cozy up with a book from their well-stocked shelves. Plunge in their extraordinary indoor pool, or take a bicycle out for a spin along their pond. Dig in a delicious menu of wholesome organic food. There’s no dearth of fun things to do here. Every activity will fill you to the brim with happiness! An escape from everyday life, such are the broad experiences at The Ark that will help you make your life colourful.
Undoubtedly, I decided to relax and unwind at The Ark and make it one of my shoot locations. Shooting for my blog had never been so tranquil! I was in awe of their mosaic tiled indoor pool. Situated in the common area, everything here is inspired by Kerala style homes. You cannot help but experience that ethnic feel in the architecture.

Apart from that, the entire property is tastefully done; yet retains a rustic character of its own. The indoors are luxurious, yet have an incredibly homely feel. The Ark, in the true sense, is a home away from home. Ideal for reconnecting and spending quality time with your loved ones.

The deck area overlooks a hoard of trees with a view of the enormous mountains. The outdoors have a well maintained garden with a clean pond lined by plants. Perfect for that evening stroll at sunset.

The Ark Wellness Retreat is best known for their luxurious Spa Treatments. Enter their professionally designed Spa Room, and stress will leave your side almost instantaneously. Their spa range includes a blend of holistic and modern therapies. All their therapists are professionals who work their magic to leave you feeling de-stressed and pampered!

What’s more? Check out their selection of board games, table tennis and carrom; sure to delight the kids. Enjoy a candle-lit dinner with your better half by the pond or share sweet-nothings and heart warming conversations at the deck. There’s something for everyone!

A pause in the routine is time used to reflect and ponder over everything you love to do.The Ark Wellness Retreat is a testimony to this amazing philosophy of a better life.